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As children, whether we wanted it or not our parents pushed us to go to bed at a particular hour. But as we grew older and got surrounded by technology, what was popular and known to us become unknown. And today when we really want to doze off early, it just doesn't happen (until you are quite tired) because we are already the victims of staying up late.

So now that you are all eyes, you might feel like catching up to something you have always wanted to do like reading a book. But there are also instances when you just cannot do a selective task just because everyone else is sleeping.

Given below are struggles - very real - that all people who stay up late would understand.

It is the perfect time for late night shows
This seems to be your only companion. Everyone in the house must have gone to sleep and left you with your lonely fate, television and lots of snacks.

Well, no one would pick your call
When you are all eyes, you may want to catch up on an old friend from college, but unfortunately, they are either asleep or do not want to be disturbed by someone who should be sleeping.

You can see your night in just one night
Yes, your life from past to future plays before you in your thoughts. You make plans, new resolutions and adjust scenarios that shouldn’t have happened.

You force yourself to sleep
You want to pretend you are asleep and try to be like everyone else (normal I guess?) But you are stuck. Being in bed is like having a date with boredom because it helps you to worry and imagine situations that will never happen.

Your neighbors say you are different
Your neighbors could be gushing about the sounds that come through your window and would alert their children to distant themselves from you. Maybe.

You don't have the best of days
You wake up and have to be like every other person who slept all through the night. Even the thought of it saddens and weakens you. You really wish you could have a normal night sleep because your days are abnormal.

You become a brunch person
When you finally get some sleep, you wake up really late. You wake up so late that you have to eat late as well, and then you regret about eating late too.

You always wake up guilty
You wake up feeling bad about your sleeping habits, and this dampens your mood and self-confidence. You convince yourself you will work hard at sleeping early.

You make plans to fix your life
Everything that is going wrong in your life has to be fixed with the strategy you devise on this night. You are all worked up and figuring out to make things great again in your life.

You are inquisitive about your environment
You sleep so late that you expect anything to pop out and make you frightened. You are suspicious about every sound you hear.

You become lazy
The only thing that seems to be working in your mind would be you are lazy, and though you want to do so much, you are stuck with either watching TV or binge-watching movies on Netflix.

No one understands you
Most of the people think that you are either selfish or on a mission to disturb the plans of nature, especially your parents who want you to start your day as early as possible.

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