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You are in love with her right? And you don’t want to hurt her saying things which won’t make her feel good right? Well, then you adhere to the points mentioned below in order to keep her as cheerful as possible. Here might lie the key to a happy relationship of yours:

1. I Promise
These are two words you should say only when you’re super sure that you’ll be capable of keeping the promise (which in most of the cases you can't!) or never get caught ( have to be really smart for that now!) if you swear for a lie. And once you’re caught as failing to fulfill it or lying, your girl would never be able to trust you again.

2. About Your Ex
The worst thing you can say to her is about your ex. As soon as you bring her topic in, your girlfriend feels a strange sort of discomfort. She might never tell you that, but deep inside she’s going to loathe you for that.

3. Praising Some Other Girl
“Wow! She’s Hot! Don’t you think so?”, trust me, she’d start hating you right from that woman. If a woman is in love with you, she can never truly endure you praising some other girl right in front of him. You make her feel all the insecurity complexes and that’s not right at all.

4. How Can You Do That?
“How can you bath so long?”, ”How can you eat so much?”, these typical questions are so not welcoming. Whenever you jump onto asking such questions you make her feel that you’ve not chosen her for what she is and her choices and practices in life are.

5. Don’t Get Into Her Past So Soon
It’s understandable that you’re dying to know about how many guys she dated earlier, how many she had been intimate with, but, when you get too much into all these, you make her delve deeper into her past and you might never get YOUR moment.

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