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India is a place where nothing is impossible and Indians have made us proud in different ways by setting world records in different spheres whether it is cricket where Sachin Tendulkar has set world records or when it comes to setting the record of serving around 100,000 people a day in Amritsar Golden Temple. People of India are making us proud in one or the other way.
And this time again, 18-year-old Rifath Sharook from Tamil Nadu has made India proud by setting the world record by launching the lightest satellite in the world, weighing 64 gm. The teen won a competition organized by NASA in association with an organization called I Doodle Learning titled Cubes in Space.
The satellite designed by Rifath has been named KalamSat after Indian President Abdul Kalam, who was the pioneer of country's aeronautical science ambitions. The teen is now working as a lead scientist at Chennai-based Space Kidz India which promotes science and education for Indian teenagers.
Speaking to TOI he noted, it will be a sub-orbital flight and post-launch, the mission span will be 240 minutes and the tiny satellite will operate for 12 minutes in a micro-gravity environment of space.
This is not the first inventions which he has made, at the age of 15 he built a helium weather balloon as a part of a nationwide competition for young scientists. Rifath has made India proud and we hope that in future as well he keeps up the good work and come up with new inventions.
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