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The world is definitely changing and how!
Earlier users had to pay to read blogs and now it’s just the opposite. One can earn a living just by reading a few blogs a day.Money earning apps have turned the tables and given minimalists a chance to earn those extra bucks without doing much. Trust us! It’s not any click-bait advertorial… It’s some real stuff, our App – Lopscoop is the place where you get paid for reading and sharing content.
Reading and spreading the content all over the internet is just one way of earning that extra money
Lopscoop App has more. The app is inviting its prime users to be an influencer and earn more than before.
Sounds interesting, wanna know more? Here you go:
If you are a prime Lopscoop user, you can join our WhatsApp VIP group (Click on the link to join the group)
1.Lopscoop VIP Users 1 Lopscoop VIP Users 1
2.Lopscoop VIP Users 2: Lopscoop VIP Users 2
3.Lopscoop VIP Users 3: Lopscoop VIP Users 3
4.Lopscoop VIP Users 4: Lopscoop VIP Users 4
5.Lopscoop VIP Users 5: Lopscoop VIP Users 5
6.Lopscoop VIP Users 6: Lopscoop VIP Users 6
7.Lopscoop VIP Users 7: Lopscoop VIP Users 7
8.Lopscoop VIP Users 8: Lopscoop VIP Users 8
9.Lopscoop VIP Users 9: Lopscoop VIP Users 9
10.Lopscoop VIP Users 10: Lopscoop VIP Users 10
Please try joining the next link if one group has already reached the maximum no. of people
Basic Rules and Guidelines for VIP Users
1. The specific tasks are to be performed outside the App and the payment is directly transferred to your Paytm account.
2. As an influencer, you will be given new tips every time to earn more money on Lopscoop App.
3. Brownie points for bloggers/vloggers! You can win cash incentives based on the reach and engagement of your work.
4. Lopscoop Influencers can share suggestions and the selected ones will be rewarded. Join our WhatsApp VIP group now and avail all the extra benefits!
LopscoopIt’s an Entertainment & Lifestyle content-based app that helps you earn money by performing simple tasks. It has over 2 million users.
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