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The actor who has been working in the film industry for more than 35 years and entertaining the whole country with his acting skills and his persona. According to media reports in an interaction with fans today Rajnikanth said that he might join politics in future.
The actor was in politics in the nineties while he was supporting DMK-TMC alliance and about that coalition, he said that “About 21 years ago I was involved in a political accident, during that time for some reasons I had announced my support to a political coalition. And my fans and people of Tamil Nadu ensured a victory for that coalition. Since that day my name is being dragged in every time there is an election. And that’s the reason I keep clarifying that I don’t support any political party every time.”
The Tamil star is very clear with his thought and has said that “If in case I decide to join politics, I won't allow wrong people to join me. I'll keep them away.” He met his fans at Raghavendra Mandapam in Chennai today after a gap of eight years.
He is a big star and his name is enough for people to watch his films in Tamil and Rajnikanth during the interaction also said about the speculation made that he makes controversies during his release of his films. On this, he said that he is having blessings of all his fans and he is not interested in making any controversies during the release of the film as people are smart and if a film is bad it will fail.
Now we have to see that when will Rajnikanth join politics.
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