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We in our daily lives mostly prefer bottled water when we are traveling as it is one thing which people cannot take chances because there are so many water borne disease. But then again using bottled water is not a good idea because it generates non-biodegradable plastic.
Here are 5 reasons why we should not use bottled water.
1) Plastic bottles is a non-biodegradable and the procedure of making bottles in industries leads pollution. And when plastic bottles are burnt they also release dangerous toxins which may are not good for health.
2) People usually think that tap water is not good but tap water is same like the bottled water because the government has made strict rules for supplying water to every household because everyone cannot afford bottled water.
3) Use of plastic water bottles increases our chance of chemical exposure as most plastics leech chemicals into our liquids. Most of the plastic bottles contain a chemical named Antimony which causes nausea and depression. So people should use steel or glass water bottles.
4) Recycling of plastic water bottles requires a whole factory where recycling is done and if it is not recycled it is thrown away. Plastic being a non-biodegradable product takes more than 100 years to degrade and if it burnt it emits harmful gasses.
5) Whenever most of the people go to beaches or travel they throw bottles in water which leads to water pollution as the plastic releases chemicals. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean is one of the examples as there is too much plastic in the ocean and it is estimated that there will be more plastic in oceans than fish if things remain the same.
This issue is something which people should understand and stop using plastic bottles or plastic products to save the environment. One should look for better options like using steel or glass water or carry sufficient water while traveling so that one will not buy plastic bottles.
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