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It’s high time in Delhi as the capital city is engulfed with smog. Aftermath of Diwali has left citizens in Delhi NCR choked and it seems that the air quality is going to degrade in the upcoming days of the month. Over the years’ people in Delhi have been facing it and the only thing that comes in their mind or government’s mind is to ask people to stay indoors as much as possible till the situation gets normal. One of the reasons behind is because of the stubble burning in Punjab and low wind speed in the capital lead to high concentration of air pollutants.
But the main question that comes in our mind that are we safe indoors? We know that the dust and PM level is increasing every passing day and to combat this some people who have to travel on daily basis use face masks. And when these people get back to their home sweet home they take off the mask with a thought that home is still a better place, however, the story is a bit different as nowadays even staying indoors is not safe because of the PM level increasing day by day in the capital city.
From using indoor plants to surgical masks, the story ends here. Very few people in the capital city are opting the other pollution combating devices like air purifiers at home. According to Euromonitor, “a mere 200,000 purifier units were sold in India in 2017, during which time, China saw nine million units being sold”.
Let’s cite the reasons people don’t tend to buy air purifiers in the Capital city even after the increase in pollution.
One of the reasons why people are not opting for air purifiers these days is that they have a lack of awareness and they don’t have the idea that indoor is as polluted as outdoor.
#2 Price
The other reason can be the price of the air purifiers in the market. Even if some people who are having the idea about the air pollution in indoor, they tend to not buy air purifiers at home as they are bit costly. The average cost of a decent air purifier ranges from 7000-12,000 which can be a big deal for a middle-class family in the capital.
#3 Mentality
The other factor that makes people not buy such home appliances is because they have this thing in mind that this is just for a few months and the time will pass so we should not worry about it. But these people fail to see the bigger picture as it can create health problems for the kids or old people in the family.
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Author - Amit
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