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Technology is something that we need every now and then in our day to day life now. While using some of the technologies in our daily lives, we are also used to some of the myths that we blindly believe. So today we decided to debunk some of the technology myths that very few people know.
Let’s check out the list
#1 Let’s check out the list #1 You can click good pictures only with a camera having good megapixels
The picture quality doesn’t depend upon the megapixels. It has factors that include having different settings for different scenarios like a day or night settings and also HDR settings. So if you know how to manage these settings then for sure you can also click some awesome pictures.
#2 Fully Drain your phone/laptops battery or they will lose the ability to take a full charge.
Though it was one of the reasons earlier now with new technology advancement this cannot be an issue as now most of the batteries are lithium-ion or lithium-ion polymer cells which you can charge whenever it is convenient.
#3 Never put metal in the microwave
You might have been across people who usually say that never put metal in a microwave as it can be dangerous but certainly it is not that harmful. Though it is for metal objects that have sharp edges as it might conduct that results in sparkling, however, you can put rounded metal utensils as it usually doesn’t cause problems.
#4 Incognito mode means you’re anonymously online
If you thought that incognito mode will let you browse any website privately then you are wrong as it is may hide from browsing history but it doesn’t hide from the web entirely. You might have noticed that ads are placed that you have surfed online on those websites, so in the backend, the websites are taking your actual data from history.
#5 Airport x-ray machines erase the memory card
Airport x-ray machines are designed now in a way that they don’t erase memory cards. According to a famous memory card company, san disk makes their memory card using a kind of technology that is safe in the airport x-ray machines.
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