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Salt is something that you consume in your day to day life and this is one ingredient which is used in every recipe to bring the taste. As we know that excess of everything is bad so that rule applies to salt as well. If you are also in the list of those people who ask for salt in every recipe, then it’s an alarming sign for you as it might lead to serious health issues. So, today we will be talking about the signs that your body gives if you are too much salt.
Let’s check out the list
If you are feeling thirsty even in winters and you are always on the lookout for water then it’s a sign that you are consuming excessive salt. It is because excess salt consumption draws water from the cells.
If you are having swollen ankles or puffy under eyes, then it’s a sign that you are consuming extra salt as the body holds extra water to balance out extra salt which results in swelling.
If you have been facing above signs, then it’s time you should stop consuming excessive salt or else it might lead to kidney stones as salt increases the protein levels in the urine. This increases the risk of kidney stones.
#4 Frequent urination
If you go to the washroom on a frequent basis on daily basis, then it’s an alarming sign of excessive salt intake. The reason behind this is because salt increases pressure on kidneys and it leads to frequent urination as it removes the excessive salt in the body.
#5 Headache
If you are also the one who is suffering from frequent headaches, then it’s time that you should check out on your intake of salt as it happens because of dehydration in the body.
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