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Delhi is Dilwale ki Seher and if you haven’t been to the capital of India then for sure you are missing on few things. Delhi is for everyone and people from every corner comes here. Be it for professional or personal reasons. This place has won millions of hearts. To everyone out there who are planning to head to Delhi, here are some of the travel tips that you should keep in mind.
Let’s check out the list
1) Best time to visit Delhi
The best time to visit Delhi is during winters as everyone says that Delhi Ki Sardi is crazy. Never ever think of visiting Delhi in summers or else you have to face the scorching heat.
#2 Food Culture In Delhi
From Old Delhi to Connaught Place, Delhi has its own food culture. Every other corner has its own specialty like Okhla k biryani to Kareem’s chicken in Old Delhi. Make sure you taste all the flavours in Delhi
#3 Visit Famous Market Places
Yes, you heard it right that you should visit some of the best marketplaces in Delhi like Palika Bazaar to Sarojini Nagar.
#4 Delhi Metro Map
If you are in Delhi and want to travel across the whole city, then make sure that you have the Delhi Metro Map or else you have to spend a lot of money on traveling.
#5 Experience The Night Life
You can enjoy the nightlife in Delhi when you are in Delhi at places like Hauz Khas, Connaught Place, DLF Cyber Hub and the one and only Old Delhi.
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