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As we all know that fast food shops or stalls are something which is meant for their services and time efficiency, however very few of us know the background story about the things that are going on in their mind. It’s hard work and dedication of those employees towards work that makes them the best in their work and you get your food in just a few minutes. Today we will be talking about the fast food employees who hate a few things about customers in day to day life.
Let's check out the list of things that every fast food employee hate
#1 Be clear what you want to order
The fast-food employees can only be fast if you order the food correctly. If you want a professional response from then show some decency and order the food correctly.
#2 Keep the change with you
Make sure that you give proper change to them as they get end no. of customers like who come up with notes that are way more than the bill.
#3 Throw the wrappers in the dustbin
If you are eating at a fast food joint on a table, then make sure after completing your meal you throw the waste in the dustbin. They are there to serve you good food, not to clean up your mess.
#4 Don’t wait for the condiments in the queue
If you want some extra sauce or cheesy dip, then make sure you mention that while ordering your food. Don’t wait for the condiments in the queue after you receive your order because it increases the waiting time for other customers.
#5 Treat them wisely
Always treat fast food employees with a bit of respect and politeness as they are also a human being who earn their bread and money by working for you.
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