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Travel is all about having a good thing over everything else. So, if you don’t have a good time in your trip, it is kind of worthless to go somewhere apart from the fact that you will swear not to go to that place ever again. There are many countries and cities which you might want to visit but you should always keep the personal safety conditions in mind before you plan.
Based on the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017, we have listed out the most dangerous places to visit for foreigners:
1. Colombia
From organized criminal activities like extortion, robbery, and kidnapping for ransom, the country’s current state is quite dangerous. With high crime rates largely due to gang wars, it is not a safe place due to crime and terrorism.
2. Yemen
Yemen is a beautiful place but the conflict between military conflict, terrorism and people of the place makes it unsafe to visit. Al-Qaeda is also active in the country.
3. El Salvador
The level of criticality is quite high in El Salvador with unpredictable violence and gang attacks. The security situation is also quite weak in the country.
4. Pakistan
Not a foreign friendly place where terrorist violence is common. Kidnapping for ransom, religious conflict and deteriorating law and order makes it low on safety.
5. Nigeria
Nigeria can be called as a rich country in terms of culture but when it comes to crime, it is rich in that area as well. Armed robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, assault, and rape happen too often to go unnoticed.
6. Venezuela
This beautiful place has turned into a crime in last couple of years due to the instability in the politics. This country is currently even suffering from shortages of water, food, medicine, electricity, and other basic goods.
7. Egypt
In Egypt the danger starts with ISIS and other extremist groups. The pose serious threat to public venues which includes the tourist sites too. Especially, people are advised not to travel to the Western Desert and the Sinai Peninsula due to terrorism and military zones.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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