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The quest for alternative eco-friendly fuels is definitely the trend in the locomotive industry. Be it be using solar panels in the roofs of cars or the transition to driverless electric cars there has been advancements in the sector to make cars more eco-friendly. But this trend is really not the most exciting thing that you would have heard.
There is something more that I am sure you would have not heard of. What do you think would be the irresistible thing for squirrel? Don’t think that far because I am quite sure you would have ever imagined that a squirrel would find the cars tempting.
Yes, you would have heard about human passion for cars but new Honda cars are also that alluring for squirrels. You think we are joking. But no we are not.
A man in Ottawa claims that rodents have attacked the air filters, motors and fuel injector of his car in the series of attacks because the eco-friendly wire insulation gives off the vanilla fragrance which even rodents cannot resist. Man claims that he came to know about that squirrels have gnawed his car when his car went crazy while he was driving. You might be surprised but this temptation costs the owner of car $1,000 of his savings.
Author-Neha Wadhwa
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