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You might be thinking that how can a hug be something which has some hidden facts? Certainly, it has some hidden facts. Today we will be sharing some of the interesting facts about hugs that will surely blow your mind. After reading this you would surely go ahead and hug your near and dear ones.
Let’s check out the interesting facts about hug.
It helps you in decreasing feeling of loneliness, stress, tension and also defuses tension.
Hugging releases oxytocin, it is a hormone that makes you feel connected to others and also increases love and affection with your partner.
Hugging also boosts your immune system and scientifically it also increases hormones that fight infection
It also helps in building a relationship and makes you stay happy. Hugging is also good for the heart.
It also reduces social anxiety and you feel positive when someone hugs you in daily life. Oxytocin makes you stay positive and think in a more optimistic way in life.
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