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Have you made up your mind to tie knots with your partner? If yes, then you have to give a thought about it as he/she is the one with whom you are going to spend your life. From companionship to getting used to daily habits, couples should know every single thing about their partner. The best way to kick-start any relationship is with the help of understanding and personal bond.
Let’s check out the things that you should ask your partner before you tie knots.
#1 Medical History
It’s not like the person should be perfectly fit, however, still you should know about the things related to their personal life related to their medical history in past. It will also help in building trust and you can also accordingly have a great bond.
#2 Financial Plan
One of the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is by asking your partner about financial plans. It will help you to get an idea about how things are going to turn out in the coming years of a relationship.
#3 Career plans
It is quite important that you should ask your partner about career plans as it will help you understand your partner’s aspiration. It will also help you build a relationship and understanding.
#4 Talk about past
The best way to be in a happy relationship after marriage is by talking about the past so that you have an idea about every single thing be it a breakup story or something that is quite personal.
#5 Future plans
Future plans can be anything from buying a house to having a baby. This will help you to know about how you need to plan things accordingly in the future.
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