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Festive season means you are ready to rock in your best clothes. It is the best time to put your best foot forward with trendiest clothes and smart accessories. While everyone wants to look fab during the rituals in the festivals and otherwise also, it is not that difficult if you understand the basics of it.
You should know a few points before you step out shopping for the same.
1. As the times have modernized, the fashion senses of people have also evolved. They are no more afraid of trying our different fusions. Why not try something which You can go for formal shirts tucked inside an embroidered lehenga or a kurta dress paired with a long jacket. Complete the look with statement pieces. Wear an accessory that makes you stand out from the rest. is ethnic and contemporary at the same time?

2. Now, comes the time to re-think about the colours that you choose for the festivals. We have had enough of red and pink or I should rather say primary colours. Why not try some new tints and shades? Shades like wine, maroon, mauve, scarlet and fuchsia are the hot trends. While ice-blue, blush and mint green also work wonders from the pastel collection.

3. Another thing to keep in mind is the selection of jewellery. People do not generally understand their body type and mess up with their look. The jewellery one wears should not overpower their physique, someone petite should not pick an over the top jewellery and should instead wear medium size pieces.

4. You should also know the body types and dress accordingly. Many times we do not take note of our body type and wear something that is not suitable for our height or curves. It should be noted that A-line dresses work the best for all body types. Waist cuts should be avoided by people with a broader waistline. While flowy dresses are suitable for someone with larger body frames, sheath outfits work best for petite ones.

Now that you know about the various technicalities of dressing up right, go and shop the stores out. Get the perfect look this festive season.
Also, share your views and ideas and help us add more such tips.

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Author: Akshita Jain
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