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Yes, you might be thinking how can a drink dehydrate you as all of them are made to hydrate? We know that there are times when our body thinks in a pattern that tells us that any drink can hydrate us, however it is not the case. Today we are here to talk about drinks that certainly dehydrates you and if we drink it in an excessive manner then it can also harm the body.
Let’s check out the list
#1 Alcohol
You might be thinking that alcohol can also be a source of hydration, however, it is diuretic in nature and it also makes the body lose fluids through frequent urination. It is always said that drinking alcohol with soda or water. It is not for the taste but for this practical reason or else you might face a headache and severe hangover.
#2 Caffeinated drinks
The same reason for caffeinated drinks is that it leads to dehydration because it has mild diuretic effects on the body which results in a headache and dry mouth.
#3 Flavoured Milk
Milk is good for health however if you are consuming flavored milk then it may dehydrate you as it contains added sugar which can be harmful if consumed on a regular basis.
#4 Lemonade
Now this one will surely leave you shocked as you might be thinking how lemonade can dehydrate you but certainly, it can the soda and sugar in the drink can dehydrate your body. So, it’s better you should have plain lemon water.
#5 Soda
One of the reasons why Soda because dehydration is because it contains caffeine. It is also bad for the bones and teeth, so it is better you should avoid the drink and switch to a normal water.
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