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A relationship witnesses every emotion during its journey. A journey filled with happiness and sorrow, joy and friendship, compassion and love. Some relations you share with your loved ones are so special that you just can’t stop yourself from falling for the other person every time they do something cute or silly.
Yes! We are talking about the very mushy relation of a boyfriend and a girlfriend. To communicate the little things of this relation we are here with a comic strip of 26-year-old Luxembourger Valérie Minelli, AKA Mrs Frollein who is on a noble mission to cheer people up and make them smile.
“I think most of the time I just want to make people happy and leave them with a warm and fuzzy feeling, so I try to make my comics really wholesome from time to time,” Valérie told Bored Panda.
This artist is inspired by the little things that she faces in her everyday life and about her relationship with her boyfriend. She does comics on both. “I always hated most of the couple comics out there, so I decided to draw some myself, she said. “Some of them are just my own thoughts, almost like a writing a diary. I mostly read webcomics, but I try to get more into German graphic novels.”
Here are a few of her comic strips that will make you smile amidst all your work.
Does anyone else feel the same? Omg, truly some people smell like home.
This one is quite relatable.
Omg, Catnapping in broad daylight.
There will be more cookies tomorrow but there won't be you asking more of it.
Thank Almighty, she didn't flap her blankets at him as some men do and then giggle about it.
This happens when you smoke your first joint with your boyfriend,lol.
That mixed expression of shyness and love on the guys face is everything!!
Mistake number one was the broom - get the vacuum cleaner.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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