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Kitchen products are something that they can be used at nearly every stage of their consumption. They can be used when raw or unprocessed, they can be used when in the process and even after you have made the complete use of something you can use it.
One thing about kitchen ethics that is taught us by our elders is that we should make every possible use of something we eat. Discarding edible items when they are still in a usable condition is a no. Disposing kitchen scraps also counts as wastage but often goes unnoticed.
Here are a few hacks that you can try after you make the primary use of the item on the kitchen slab.
1. Orange Peel
Oranges are available during a long period in a year. They are consumed in large quantities as well. Though there are hacks as you must have heard of the dried orange peels used a face mask but we have something different here. You can make use of leftover orange peels by cutting them into halves and then adding wax or oil in it with a wick. Your scented orange candle is ready to light the space on festivals.
2. Coffee Grounds
Not just for the coffee maniacs, but coffee has something in store for the beauty freaks as well. You can use coffee grounds for creating scrub for your skin. ! Use old coffee grounds, mix them with olive or coconut oil and you have your very own exfoliate scrub.
3. Chopped herbs
We face this situation many times when we have extra herbs cut and we don’t find any good use of them at that point in time. One thing that you can do is put the herbs in the ice tray fill the tray with olive oil. Once you freeze it, it remains intact until it is cooked again.
4. Corn Husks
Corn lovers, we have a hack for you to eat fresh grilled items. Use the corn husks to wrap food that goes on the grill and enjoy the grilled item with a little less mess.
5. Bread
The last little loaves of bread turn hard when they come in contact of air for long and they are wasted. But you can also bring them to use again if you wish to. You can soften loaf of bread by putting it into a jar. You can also make use of it by making croutons after frying them.
These were some hacks that we thought were interesting to know. If you too have some ideas regarding the re-usage of food, you are welcomed to share them with us.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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