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Every house requires a makeover after a certain period of time. Makeovers are important for adding the variety to life and also gives you a fresh perspective towards life.
When we talk about a makeover, adding a new piece of furniture alone changes the look of the space and when you replace your old furniture with the new one, you can totally change the way you look at your room.
Here are a few tips that can help you in deciding how you can make changes in your décor of the house.
1. Go wooden:
Wooden furniture is in trend right now and has always been a trendsetter. Lots of masterpieces are there in the wooden stuff. You can replace your old furniture with the new ones in wood even your wall clock.
2. Accessorize:
Ditch the old ways of designing the spaces using the cushion covers and curtains but invest in the elegant sofa tables, wall stands, and wooden coasters instead. These will add to the grace of your house.
3. Bring in nature:
Apart from the wooden and other metallic pieces, it is time that you add the green element to your house. Yes! We are talking about adding the greenery to your space. Use houseplants, fresh boughs, garlands and citrus plants. These will not just give fresh look to your house but will also give fragrance to it.
4. Get artsy:
Here is the idea of adding the artsy look to your house. You can paint the walls and add light to it. You can add some masterpiece in the centre of the room or hang something artsy on the walls. Your way of decorating the room will define your style and vibe, so be your best.
5. Drapery of lights:
Lights play a major role in designing the house interiors. You can place light anywhere and everywhere, be it around the mirror, and be it down the staircase or over the bed, there’s no end to it. And this light is not just in the form of led bulbs, it can be fairy lights, candles or even glow lamps. Apart from the conventional hanging of LED lights, drape lights on every doorway, window sills, and staircases and on the furniture sets for a warm festive ambience.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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