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We all know that things are quite easy when we are kids however with time when we become adult things are bit different and things take a whole different turn. The funny part of the story is that we don’t usually know how to do small things in our daily life. Though working and leading a daily life in office or business becomes like a routine, however from being professional to learning small things in life.
Types of Funny Challenges That Every Adult Face Nowadays
#1 Ordering Food
The only thing that becomes a burden nowadays is ordering food from a restaurant or a hotel. Because 1 baar mei toh baat samjhni nahi hoti.
#2 Cooking Food
One that becomes a saviour for all the adult out there when it comes to cooking is Maggi, however, one cannot eat every single day Maggi. So when it comes to trying to make something different then usually people get stuck and make the worst dishes.
#3 Cleaning your room
As we know that Diwali is about to come and the only thing that parents ask is to do the cleaning but that’s not our league and we also try to run away from it.
#4 Writing an email to boss
Though we have been quite good while writing a letter in schools for leave but when it comes to writing professionally we are not that good at it.
#5 Filling Bottles at Home
The only thing that every adult goes through during summers is that they are asked to fill bottles now and then in the home.
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Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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