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Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan make a great Jodi on the big screens, however, now for quite a long time, they haven’t work in any Bollywood movie. In past, the couple worked together in movies like Omkara(2006), Tashan (2008) and Kurbaan (2009). They haven’t worked together since they worked together in 2012.
While speaking with DNA Saif said that doing a film with his wife Kareena has been a conscious choice. “When I am with Kareena on screen, I end up not performing. I become deferential and slightly boring in the frame,”.
Saif said that he gets into the comfort zone when he worked with Kareena and is give out enough energy for the character in the scene.
“I don’t compete and give enough energy. I kind of play myself, which is bad. If you know the person too well, there’s a tendency to slip into a certain comfort zone. And comfort is the enemy of cinema. Tension is what you want,” he said.
Saif has been quite particular in past few years with his personal and professional life. He has rejected offers for working with Bebo as things might not turn well for both of them if they again work together in any movie.
“I’ve been saying no to working with Bebo in recent years because I’ve always ensured that there’s a clear demarcation between my personal and professional life. Now, however, the lines are blurring. With my father (Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) not being around and me being the de-facto head of the family, my outlook has changed,” he said.
Saif might work with Kareena again in near future. He said, “Bebo and I will work together in the near future, provided the script does justice to both of us. I’m a good enough actor and I’m improving. So, I might be able to actually perform something interesting with her.”
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