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Wedding day for a couple is one of the most special days where you want to be free of any pressure and just celebrate your love. In such a day, most of the couples go with the generic and regular wedding cakes but there are many couple loves to keep their wedding very personal and keeps their personal touch in all of their wedding decoration and style.
In such weddings where the couples highlight their uniqueness, the wedding cakes chosen are equally beautiful as their love. Here is to all the unique wedding cakes that makes a wedding special and cosy:
1. A classy and simple pumpkin pie which is topped with mini white pumpkin "Mrs. and Mr.", I’ll take that when in doubt.
2. Cake decorating is an art form and one should never underestimate it’s power to say the least. Made by Enchanting Cakes, when you place this cake under a real chandelier, it will even look 10 times better than this. Yeah possible!
3. Say Hola to this Marble beauty by the Choccywoccydoodah. The detailing is making us wonder whether to eat it or send it to the museum of arts? Look at this beauty!
4. This two-tiered rice krispy cake is melting my heart and two birds as cake toppers, can’t deal with it!
5. Make way for the black beauty….It is not only unique but the combination of fresh flowers and pitch black icing is just making the cake superbly stunning. Can’t get my eyes off!
6. Ok moving on we have this traditionally unconventional beauty. Though the cake is white as the tradition goes and dipped in glitter but look at the design!
7. This cake by The Mischief Make is surely creating some mischief in our mind!
8. Wooting for the apple cider donut tower styled by Judy Kim with orange roses. LOVE LOVE LOVE the minimalism!
9. The rich reds, greens, oranges and what not, this is giving a lot of joy. Why don’t I have these talents?
I think even without my wedding, I’ll order myself once a month!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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