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Next time when getting drunk, do remember to not do some crazy things as the one did by this newly wed British couple on having 12 glasses of rum. They bought an entire Hotel worth Rs. 30 lakhs in Sri Lanka, where they went for their honeymoon.
Yes crazy decision, According to an interview given to the Mirror UK, Gina Lyons, 33, and Mark Lee, 35, said that they were on a three week backpacking honeymoon to Sri Lanka in December 2017 during this time they made this crazy decision.
They said, on their first night of honeymoon on a beachside hotel in Sri Lanka, they drank 12 glasses of rum and decided to do something crazy that can turn heads on the internet, during this time only they got to know that the lease of the hotel they were saying in was about to get over in few days and after finding out that the lease was 10,000 pounds a year only, Gina and Mark thought that it would be a brilliant idea to buy it - because as they were drunk,".
The very next day they meet an old couple about the renewing of the lease. However, not understanding too much of the conversation, the couple agreed to pay 15,000 pounds for the first year and the rest to be paid by March 2019 on drunken state.
Then what, now Gina and Mark have officially become the owners of the Hotel, the hotel is doing pretty good business and they are earning a decent amount and are happy about this crazy drunk decision but still their family members and friends till date thing they made a very stupid decision.
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