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Bollywood is known for its glamour and every aspiring actress wants to look perfect so that she can be the perfect choice for any role. In the path of achieving the journey of becoming beautiful, they opt for cosmetic surgeries. After Hollywood this trend has now hit the Bollywood industry. It seems that Bollywood divas have also chosen the same path to enhance the beauty. You might be thinking that the list would include the name of actresses who are trying to make the name in the industry but the list has some big names.
Let’s check out the list
#1 Shilpa Shetty Kundra
This talented actress has been an inspiration for many women across the country as she has time and again been part of then fitness campaigns to promote fitness. She also went through a breast enhancement surgery and she looks damn beautiful.
#2 Kangana Ranaut
Though Kangana Ranaut has now made her mark in the Bollywood industry, however, during her initial days in the entertainment industry, she was quite slim. However, soon she decided to undergo the treatment to look glamorous and hot.
#3 Ayesha Takia
Taarzan actress, Ayesha Takia made a remarkable entry with her first movie in Bollywood. Everyone across the country was in awe with her beauty. Ayesha Takia also opted for cosmetic surgery, however later got them removed due to health issues. Today as well her pictures go viral on the internet whenever she is spotted by Paparazzi.
#4 Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat stunned everyone with her hot and glamorous role in Murder when she made her debut in the Bollywood industry. Soon she decided to undergo the treatment to look sultrier and gorgeous.
#5 Bipasha Basu
And the last one in the list is Bipasha Basu who opted for breast enhancement surgery and no doubt she looks hot after the surgery.
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