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While communication with the audience or group of people, most of us use gestures to drive our point, sometimes our gestures speak louder than our words. Experts believe that your stance and gestures are arguably more important than what you actually say.
According to Daily Mail, with right kind of gestures, you can captivate your audience because your gestures enhance your confidence. Here we look at the five gestures that will make you likeable and credible at the same time.
1. Gesturing towards the audience
Eye contact is something which is very important while addressing the gathering. This kind of gesture helps engage your audience effectively. Gesturing towards audience or gathering increases their attention and also helps them connect with you immediately.
What is important is that you must look around at the audience in order to make eye contact. Eye contact not only ensure audience involvement but also gives you an opportunity to ask for their feedback that leads to interaction. Pointing towards the audience shows your confidence.
2. Putting hand on Heart
Touching your heart while addressing a gathering shows your sincerity and intense conviction. This kind of gesture makes your audience believe you and engage them with what you are saying. Pairing these gestures with a smile or an animated facial expression allows the audience to connect with you emotionally and warmly.
You can see social activist and Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai often touching her heart.
3. Raising hands above waist level
This kind of gesture allows you to better direct and signal the points you are making. It also shows an open personality and a willingness to engage with the audience. Strong gestures can also aid in keeping the audience's attention focused on the story being told or points being made.
4. Leaning in towards the audience
Leaning in towards the audience with your head forward shows your eagerness to relay your information to the audience and your level of comfort while speaking with them. Pushing your head forward also shows that you have lots of ideas and thoughts. By raising the head or shoulders, help you emphasise the points you are making.
Former US president Barack Obama is a perfect example of this particular gesture.
5. Maintaining a symmetrical stance
It is very important to stay natural and use the space available while speaking to an audience. This gesture shows your comfort level and also your confidence. The audience is more likely to absorb information from someone they view as balanced and confident.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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