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Ever since the actress Tanushree Dutta took the bold step of calling out on Nana Patekar for the sexual assault done to her, the movement has gained momentum across the nation. Various names are coming up from women who had been assaulted in one way or other. One thing that remains common is the image of the actors who have been accused; all of them are working at a good post in the current industry.
Be it Nana Patekar , be it Rajat Kapoor or be it Alok Nath, it is hard to believe that such people who are respected for their talent and art have been accused of such horrendous acts.
While everyone around the nation is now talking about the #Metoo movement, the television industry is also giving their opinions for the same.
In the recent interview with Pinkvilla, Divyanka Tripathi spoke about what how she feels that the movement is great for the women of nation.
"We need to tell our daughters to speak up, our sisters not to hide and that if someone is approaching you for something you aren't comfortable with, SPEAK UP! The worst thing we can do is keep a crime hidden, let the world know about it and let those who are doing wrong suffer the consequences of their own actions," she added.
She was then asked about how she feels the women in the television industry are feeling while they are working with men. To this Divyanka said, “I think television that way is a comfortable industry and since it’s a female dominated industry, most actresses have learned to ensure their own safety. I don't think it's about the industry as much as about knowing as a woman how to safeguard yourself regardless of what career you have chosen or where you stay.”
She had once said that if Tanushree Dutta is exploited by the veteran actor Nana Patekar, then she should take the legal route to proceed with the case further.
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